SEO, Affiliate Marketing & Google AdSense

Digital Personal Projects

Research of profitable niche markets in order to monetize them through affiliate marketing and Google AdSense. Following the “fleet method” of Romuald Fons through his premium course: the Digital Armada.
In each niche market a study is done to see if it has a sufficiently large audience to be profitable.

After that, a study of the competition within the niche is carried out, in order to create a website that is positioned organically in search engines.

To do this, the page will be created with a structure of keywords related to the market in particular.


– Keywords Everywhere extension
– MOZ extension
– Google Keyword Planner
– Google Search Console
– Google Analytics
– WordPress
– Yoast SEO plugin
– Blog & Copy SEO Content
– Canva







Inbound Marketing, Email Marketing, CRM & Market Research (Potential Membership Site)

Digital Personal Project

The process carried out in this project begins in the same way as the previous one (Web creation with SEO techniques).

In this case, I carry out other Inbound Marketing techniques, with the objective of generating a larger audience, as well as creating my own list of leads. The goal is that this list of leads, can serve me in the future to monetize a possible Membership site creation project.

For this I will use Social Media, CRM and Email Marketing, along with the web created with SEO techniques.


– Blog & Copy SEO Content
– Lead Magnet (Ebook)
– Mailchimp (email marketing & CRM)
– Social Media: Ig
– Keywords Everywhere extension
– MOZ extension
– Google Keyword Planner
– Google Search Console
– Google Analytics
– WordPress
– Yoast SEO plugin + Market Research:
– Using a Survey through Mailchimp, I ask my leads their opinion about an online course (membership site) where they could improve their sexuality.
– Link Building


Google Search Console / MailChimp / Google Analytics



WordPress Site creation, Blog-Copy & Social Media Management

Orba Gestión Integral del Edificio

Orba Arquitectura is an architecture company I have been working for. I designed and created the company’s logo and website, as well as taking care of its maintenance. I also created the blog, implementing SEO and copywriting techniques, as well as the social media manage.


Landing page creation

Asociación de Jóvenes Truficultores de Teruel

Designed by: Victoria Martinez (VikkaMa)
Created by: Alberto González


– WordPress
– Elementor
– Figma
– Avada Theme
– Bootstrap


Portfolio & Blog

In Your Digital Hands

In your digital hands was a project I started during the lockdown. In this time, I educate myself in Digital Marketing in a digital platform where, besides learning from mentors (The Six Figure Mentors), I was an affiliate of their educational products. To do so, I created this website, which I now use as a personal portfolio.