How to fix a Facebook Incorrect Thumbnail issue in wordpress

I’ll be sharing with you how to fix a Facebook incorrect thumbnail issue in WordPress, and then you will be able to show on your Facebook posts the same featured image than in your Blog from WordPress

How to fix a Facebook Incorrect Thumbnail issue in wordpress

It is very likely, if you have a blog in WordPress, that you want to reach as many people as possible through your social medial channels. And Facebook is one of them.

Well, a few days ago I did exactly the same. I made my first blog post public, and then I wanted to share it on my Facebook Page that I just had created it. So then, I went to my Facebook Page, and copy and paste the link of my post. But then, a Facebook Incorrect Thumbnail was showing in my post: basically, Facebook wasn’t displaying the featured image of my WordPress blog.


Doing a Google search about how to fix this Facebook Incorrect Thumbnail issue, I found many technical reasons. I don’t want to get into them, basically, the problem is that Facebook doesn’t know which image to use to represent the blog post that you are sharing on Facebook.

Probably what’s causing the problem is the SEO plugin you have installed in WordPress. In this article, I will be guiding you on how to solve this issue for the All in One SEO plugin. And, as I know, that many people are using the Yoast SEO plugin, I will leave you a video where you could see how to fix this Facebook Incorrect Thumbnail issue.


First of all, you have to activate the Social Meta Option:

To make this, you should go to your WordPress dashboard. In the left sidebar, you should see the “All in One SEO button.” If you hover over this area, it will display three options: General Settings, Performance, and Feature Manager. Then, click in the Feature Manager option, and it will show you a new screen where you can Activate the Social Meta Data to your site.

Go again to the left sidebar in the dashboard. Again, hover over the “All in One SEO button”. This time, it will display the Social Meta option, where you should click.

As you scroll down, you will be able to see different menus where you can set different options. Where I want you to reach is to the Facebook settings menu. Here, you can see that you need to type down your Facebook Admin ID and your Facebook App ID.


A while ago, Facebook changed to a new version. So, if it used to be so easy to find our Facebook Admin ID, it can now be more difficult.

First of all, it’s important that you are able to distinguish between a personal Facebook account, and a Facebook Page. The second one is mostly used for websites, fan pages, and blogs among others. Well, if you have a blog, it’s very possible that you have also a Facebook Page where you will make public your different posts, and in this case where the Facebook Incorrect Thumbnail issue happens.

Once you know this, let’s go to the personal Facebook account which is linked with the Facebook Page where the Facebook Incorrect Thumbnail issue happens. Then, go to the profile area and, using the right button of your mouse, click in any area of this screen, and a menu will display. Now, click on the second last option: View Source Code

(Check the image/ it is in Spanish, but I’m sure that you can understand which one you should select)

A new window, like the image below, will be opened. And in all those codes, is your Facebook Admin ID. So now, you should enter the next command: CONTROL + F. Then, a small search bar will display on the top right area of the window. Here, you introduce the next command: USER_ID, and press enter. Now you should see, highlighted on the screen, the exact same words of USER_ID. And just on its right side, it is your Facebook Admin ID.

(Notice, that instead of USER_ID command, we also could use: ACCOUNT_ID)


To get the Facebook App ID, it is necessary that you create an APP in Facebook Developers. So let’s go on Google and make a search for: “Facebook Developers” or just click in this link:

Over the top, there is the main menu: click in “My Apps”, and create a New App. Then you have to introduce the name that you want to give to this App (for example the name of your site) and introduce an email address. And then press “Create ID”.

At this moment, you have been taken to the dashboard of the App.  Let’s go over “Settings”, on the left side menu bar, and click “Basic”. Scrolling all the way down, you click “+Add Platform”, and you choose “website” as the platform that you want to add. You can see a new bar named “website”, where you should introduce the URL of your site.

(Summary: Settings > Basic > +Add Platform > Website > Introduce your URL site)

That’s basically all you need to do now. Then, you need to scroll up and your Facebook App ID will be there.


Once you have your Facebook Admin and App IDs, it’s the moment to fix the Facebook Incorrect Thumbnail Issue in your blog. So let’s go back to WordPress > All in One SEO > Social Meta > Facebook Settings, and introduce both numbers.

Also, in the same screen option, I want you to go to the “Image settings” option (from the Facebook settings option, it’s just the option which is above). Here, as the “Select OG:Image Source“, select the “Feature Image” option, as you want your feature image to be displayed. Also, select the option “Use Default If No Image Found“, and upload an image that you want to be displayed in case that your feature image is not working correctly. I would recommend you to choose the logo of your blog.

Then, in this same window, scroll all the way down to the bottom and click “Update Options”. And that’s it! Now you should have fixed the Facebook Incorrect Thumbnail issue!


As I don’t use this plugin, I cannot give you specific instructions on how you could fix a Facebook Incorrect Thumbnail issue, when it is originated because of Yoast SEO plugin. Anyways I have found a YouTube video where I hope you can find the solution to this issue.

How to fix Facebook incorrect thumbnail issue in WordPress (Yoast SEO plugin)


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