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Hola Amigos! My name is Alberto González, and I want to tell you a bit about me.

I was born in 1985 in a small and beautiful city at the south of Spain, Cádiz. This city has a long history, and is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, what I think makes people’s personality more opened. So yes! I can consider myself a very open minded person among other things.

I’m the small of two brothers, and fortunately I’m able to say that I had one of the happiest childhood that someone could have! At that is because of my parents and, of course, my older brother

Thanks to my childhood, I can say that I am a very cheerful, lively and sociable person. And all this goes along with a huge desire to enjoy every moment of life.


It was time to go to university, so I started my studies in Business Administration and Management. It is a career that covers many disciplines, such as finance, economics and accounting. But from all of them it was the marketing subjects that I liked the most.

But it wasn’t all about studying. I met many new people, made new friends, and above all enjoyed many parties.


My professional life begins. The beginning was great, I went to live in Ireland. My mission was to learn English, so I started working in a bar. There was only one Spanish friend and me, the rest were all Irish, the nicest people I have ever met. I really enjoyed this moment of my life, I was in another country doing things on my own.

As time went by, I decided it was time to take a professional leap. And I found another job, this time in a big company. Here I started to face the reality of the existing working world: working in something you are not passionate the whole day. Honestly, I never saw the point of this lifestyle and I still don’t.

I am a very creative, dynamic and passionate person, so the routine of administrative tasks doesn’t fit my personality at all. I like new challenges, where you can improve things and add value to this world, and I strongly believe that through digitalization all this is very possible.


Working in something you don’t love, made me have a bad time in my life. So one day I decided it was time to take control of my life. I started searching on the internet how to be happier in a natural way. And there I found meditation.

With practice, I started to feel better. And as the months went by (many months I would say) I began to see that it wasn’t a question of whether I had chosen the right path or the wrong one.

The problem was my perception of life:
I realized that when you have a negative perception of things, everything will seem dark to you.

What is really important is not WHAT you live, but HOW you live it. Sometimes you can’t change things, but you are more than able of choosing how your attitude is going to be in that moment, and that, ladies and gentlemen, is absolute power.


In this last stage of my life, I am discovering the infinite possibilities that the digital world offers us.

Hallelujah! At last I have found something I like! I was most of my professional life working in administrative task that I dont like, and at this last stage I have discovered what I enjoy working with.

The digital world gives us the opportunity to create new things that make the world better and improve our own lives.

I love the possibility of being able to create businesses around great ideas that bring value to our society. And digital tools give us this chance today.

I invite you to continue surfing my website. Here, you can find a portfolio of my digitals projects, a blog and a digital marketing dictionary I have created during the lockdown last year, and some paitings I have made in my free time.

Thank you very much for reading all this. I wish you the best.

Alberto González.